What is fleece fabric
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What is fleece fabric

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Fleece fabric, with its extensive use in modern apparel and accessories, stands out as a staple in both functional and fashion wardrobes. Known for its warmth and cozy texture, fleece is a popular choice for a variety of garments. This article explores the intricacies of fleece fabric, its benefits, and its widespread applications.

History of Fleece Fabric

The journey of fleece fabric began in the 1970s as a response to the limitations of wool. Developers sought a lightweight, easy-to-care-for material that mimicked wool's best qualities without its drawbacks. Today, fleece is a synthetic marvel, commonly crafted from polyester.

What is Fleece Fabric?

Fleece is a synthetic fabric predominantly made from polyester. It involves weaving very fine threads into a light fabric, which is then brushed to increase its volume and create that distinctive soft, plush texture.

Types of Fleece

  • Polar Fleece : Highly insulating and lightweight.

  • Microfleece : Thinner and great for layering.

  • Sherpa Fleece : Mimics the bumpy texture of wool, ideal for linings.

Properties of Fleece

Fleece is celebrated for its exceptional warmth without the weight, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. It's also partly water-resistant, making it suitable for light outdoor activities.

Benefits of Fleece Fabric

The primary advantage of fleece is its insulation capability. Additionally, it's lightweight, quick-drying, and a hypoallergenic alternative to wool, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Common Uses of Fleece Fabric

From outdoor clothing like jackets and hats to home essentials like blankets and throws, fleece’s versatility is unmatched. Its ability to retain heat yet remain breathable makes it perfect for both high-performance gear and casual wear.

How Fleece is Made

The production of fleece involves the polymerization of chemicals into threads, which are then woven into fabric and roughened up to create volume and texture. This process is both fascinating and complex, reflecting the innovation behind the material.

Comparing Fleece with Other Fabrics

Fleece vs. Wool : Fleece is lighter and easier to care for.

Fleece vs. Cotton : More insulating and faster drying.

Fleece vs. Synthetics : Offers a more natural feel and better breathability.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining fleece involves avoiding high temperatures in washing and drying to preserve the integrity of the fibers. Regular care extends its lifespan and performance.

Environmental Impact

While fleece is durable and has a low environmental impact during use, its production and microfiber shedding are concerns. Efforts are underway to reduce these impacts and make fleece more sustainable.

Innovations in Fleece Fabric

Recent advancements include recycled fleece and technologies to reduce microfiber shedding, showcasing the ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Buying Guide for Fleece

When purchasing fleece products, look for indicators of quality such as fiber density and texture. Opt for environmentally friendly options when possible.

Fleece in Fashion

Fleece has transcended its outdoor gear origins to become a trendy option in everyday fashion, with designers incorporating it into various styles and garments.


Fleece fabric's evolution from an innovative alternative to wool to a fashion and function staple underscores its significance in modern textile industry. Its versatility and performance continue to endear it to a global audience.


Is fleece warm enough for winter?

Yes, fleece can be quite warm and is suitable for layering in winter conditions.

Can fleece be recycled?

Yes, certain types of fleece are recyclable, and recycling facilities are becoming more widely available.

Does fleece shrink in the wash?

Fleece does not shrink significantly if cared for according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Is fleece vegan?

Yes, fleece is a vegan product as it is made from synthetic materials and contains no animal products.

How can I tell if a fleece product is of high quality?

High-quality fleece is dense, soft, and doesn't pill easily after washing.

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