Red Background Flower Custom Elastic Fabric Printing
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Red Background Flower Custom Elastic Fabric Printing

Why choose Hanyo's custom red flower printing Spandex super soft | Super Soft Polyester?Hanyo offers custom red flower printing, allowing you to create unique and personalized designs. Whether you're looking to create clothing, home decor items, or accessories, this customization option can help you stand out and express your individual style.
  • Spandex Super Soft

  • 268(customisable)

  • 155(customisable)

  • 1.5

  • Black


Product Description

Description of custom red flower printing Spandex super soft | Super Soft Polyester


custom red flower printing Spandex super soft | Super Soft Polyester Wholesale


Wholesale custom red flower printing Spandex super soft | Super Soft Polyester


custom red flower printing Spandex super soft | Super Soft Polyester

Item name
custom red flower printing Spandex super soft Delivery time:
From deposit payment to delivery to Shanghai port per container (8-10 days)
warp knitting/woof warp knitting Packaging: single pocket Double bag Snakeskin bag (accepts a wide variety of customized labels)
Specification:  Customizable Service approach:
One-on-One Specialist Matching
Dyeing or printing method:
Printing Sample: For freeDHL Air (time depends on where you are)
China Maintenance Methods: Do not expose to the sun, should not be baked, wider clothing should not be folded for a long time
Overall material: 95% Polyester + 5% polyurethane Colour:  red flower
Style: The fleece is dense, soft, strong sense of hair, does not fall off, does not invert the hair, has a strong resilience, feel delicate and soft, glossy and bright. Port of dispatch: Shanghai or Ninbo port
Usage Scenarios: Fitness clothes, swimsuits, toys, etc. Payment Methods: T/T or L/C at sight


Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric Application

Super soft spandex can be used in various applications beyond toys and sofas due to its stretchiness and comfort.

Here are a few more potential applications for super soft spandex:

Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric Application

Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric Toy

Super Soft Spandex Ef Application

Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric To Bear Toy

Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric

Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric To Rabbit Toy

Super Soft Spandex Ef Sofa

Super Soft Spandex Ef Sofa

wholesale Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric - Hanyo

wholesale Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric

Super Soft Spandex Ef Sofa Wholesale

Super Soft Spandex Ef Sofa Wholesale

Application Of Super Soft Spandex Ef Fabric


Spandex is commonly used in sportswear, activewear, and athleisure clothing due to its stretch and flexibility.   Leggings, yoga pants, athletic tops, and swimwear are examples.


Spandex is used in underwear and lingerie for its ability to provide a snug and comfortable fit.

Dancewear and Costumes:

Dance costumes, theatrical costumes, and cosplay outfits often incorporate spandex to allow for movement and create visually striking designs.

Medical Garments:

Compression garments, post-surgical wear, and support braces can be made using spandex to provide gentle pressure and support.

Maternity Wear:

Maternity leggings and tops made from super soft spandex can offer comfort and flexibility for expectant mothers.

Home Decor:

Aside from sofas, you can use spandex for cushion covers, throw pillowcases, and chair seat covers to achieve a snug fit and unique designs.

Sporting Equipment:

Spandex covers can be used for items like bicycle seats, steering wheel covers, and workout equipment handles for enhanced grip and comfort.

Outdoor Gear:

Outdoor enthusiasts might use spandex for making comfortable backpack straps, headbands, or moisture-wicking accessories.

Pet Accessories:

Pet beds, blankets, and even pet clothing can be made using spandex for comfort and stretch.

Travel Accessories:

Spandex pouches, packing cubes, and neck pillows can be designed to fit well and provide comfort during travel.


Stretchy shoe covers, shoe liners, and insoles can be made from spandex to provide a comfortable fit.

Therapeutic Products:


FAQ about Spandex Super Soft

  1. Q1: How is Spandex Super Soft different from regular spandex?

  2. Regular spandex is already known for its stretchiness, but Spandex Super Soft takes it a step further by incorporating an extra level of softness into the fabric. This makes it more comfortable against the skin and ideal for clothing that requires both stretch and a gentle touch.

  3. Q2: What are the key features of Spandex Super Soft?

  4. The main features of Spandex Super Soft include:

  5. Durability: Despite its softness, Spandex Super Soft is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

  6. High stretchability: It retains the stretchiness characteristic of spandex, allowing for free movement.

  7. Exceptional softness: The fabric feels incredibly smooth and gentle on the skin.

  8. Comfort: The softness enhances the comfort factor, making it suitable for close-fitting garments.

  9. Q3:What types of clothing are made from Spandex Super Soft?

  10. Spandex Super Soft is commonly used in various types of clothing, including:

  11. Activewear: Workout clothes, yoga pants, and sports bras often utilize this fabric for its flexibility and soft feel.

  12. Undergarments: Bras, panties, and undershirts benefit from the combination of comfort and stretch.

  13. Loungewear: Pajamas, lounging pants, and casual tops can be made from Spandex Super Soft for maximum comfort.

  14. Leggings: The fabric's stretch and softness make it a popular choice for leggings and tights.

  15. Q4: Is Spandex Super Soft suitable for people with sensitive skin?

  16. Yes, Spandex Super Soft is designed to be gentle on the skin, making it a good option for people with sensitive skin. Its soft texture reduces the risk of irritation that can sometimes occur with other fabrics.

  17. Q5: How should I care for clothing made from Spandex Super Soft?

  18. To prolong the life of clothing made from Spandex Super Soft, it's generally recommended to:

  19. Wash in cold water: Using cold water helps preserve the fabric's elasticity and softness.

  20. Avoid excessive heat: High heat can damage spandex fibers, so it's best to avoid high-temperature washing and drying.

  21. Use mild detergent: Harsh detergents can break down fibers over time; opt for a gentle detergent instead.

  22. Avoid excessive stretching: While the fabric is designed to stretch, avoid excessive pulling or stretching when washing and wearing.

  23. Q6: Can Spandex Super Soft lose its softness over time?

  24. Like any fabric, Spandex Super Soft can undergo wear and tear over time, potentially leading to a slight reduction in its initial softness. However, with proper care, the fabric's softness can be maintained for an extended period.

  25. Q7: Is Spandex Super Soft suitable for all types of clothing?

  26. While Spandex Super Soft is versatile, its best application is in clothing that benefits from both stretchability and a soft touch. It might not be the optimal choice for structured garments or those that require a stiffer fabric.

  27. Q8: Is Spandex Super Soft available in different colors and patterns?

  28. Yes, Spandex Super Soft can be dyed in various colors and can feature different patterns. This versatility allows for a wide range of design options for clothing manufacturers.

  29. Q9: Can I buy Spandex Super Soft fabric for DIY projects?

  30. While it might be available, Spandex Super Soft fabric might be more commonly found in ready-made clothing items. If you're looking to use it for DIY projects, you might need to search specialty fabric stores or online retailers.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose our custom red flower printing Spandex super soft | Super Soft Polyester ?

  1. Customization and Design:

  2. Spandex Super Soft's flexibility allows for intricate designs and customization options. This empowers your brand to offer personalized products that cater to individual preferences.

  3. Customer Satisfaction:

  4. Prioritizing customer comfort leads to higher satisfaction levels. Offering Spandex Super Soft enhances the overall customer experience, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

  5. Brand Loyalty:

  6. A superior fabric like Spandex Super Soft cultivates brand loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal, resulting in a stable customer base and reduced churn rate.

  7. Premium Pricing:

  8. The remarkable comfort and quality of Spandex Super Soft justifies a premium price point. Customers are willing to pay more for superior products, contributing to increased profit margins.

  9. Innovative Reputation:

  10. Being an early adopter of innovative fabrics like Spandex Super Soft positions your brand as a trendsetter in the industry. This reputation attracts attention and drives customer interest.

  11. Diverse Applications:

  12. Spandex Super Soft's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of clothing, from activewear to loungewear. This flexibility expands your product offerings, catering to diverse customer needs.

  13. Positive Reviews and Publicity:

  14. Delivering an outstanding fabric experience prompts positive reviews and generates favorable publicity. This organic marketing can boost brand visibility and credibility.

  15. Collaboration Opportunities:

  16. Your brand's association with Spandex Super Soft can lead to collaborations with designers, influencers, and other businesses seeking premium materials for their products.

  17. Longevity and Durability:

  18. The durability of Spandex Super Soft ensures garments maintain their quality and softness over time. This reputation for longevity enhances your brand's reputation for reliability.

  19. Market Differentiation:

  20. Spandex Super Soft provides a unique selling proposition that stands out in a crowded marketplace. This innovation gives your brand a distinct edge, attracting customers who value premium comfort and quality.

  21. Sustainable Demand:

  22. As customers experience the comfort of Spandex Super Soft, demand for your products can remain consistent, contributing to stable revenue streams.

  23. Competitive Advantage:

  24. Competitors may find it challenging to replicate the unique qualities of Spandex Super Soft. This advantage helps you secure a stronger position in the market.

  25. Repeat Business:

  26. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers. The exceptional comfort and quality of Spandex Super Soft encourage customers to return for more purchases.


Leading printing Spandex Super Soft Fabric Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Company Profile: Changzhou Hanyou Textile Technology Base is the global destination of choice for fabric enthusiasts, designers and industry professionals seeking first-class textile solutions. Our dyeing and finishing processor can produce up to 10,000 tonnes per year, and we mainly do processing and production of any fabrics related to polyester, coral velvet, spandex, flannel, non-woven fabrics, etc. With more than two decades of rich manufacturing experience in Super Soft, we have become a trusted brand in the international market of fabrics. Our mission is simple: to provide a wide range of high quality fabrics, while providing excellent customer service and promoting creative innovation

Spandex Super Soft Fabric Manufacturer

Spandex Super Soft Fabric Manufacturer

Spandex Super Soft Fabric Factory

Spandex Super Soft Fabric Factory

Spandex Super Soft Fabric Supplier

Spandex Super Soft Fabric Supplier

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Spandex Super Soft Fabric wholesale

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